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Launching GUI Tutorial

· 3 min read
Aman Kalra

Loophole aims to make web development easy to share. We launched a youtube hands-on series to help you run proxy tunnels in less than 5 minutes.

Loophole was initially created as a hobby project during our Friday office happy hours before it was launched for the public. Today it has both CLI and GUI-based interfaces with over 15000 tunnels launched by 700 users from over 91 countries in the world. These numbers set a foundation for our product and its use case. It not only uplifts every team member’s confidence that has worked numerous hours in building Loophole but also makes us realize the true potential of Loophole in a developer’s toolkit.

Before using Loophole, you need to authenticate yourself. The below video takes you through the process of authentication. Loophole lets you run local tunnels, share files via the HTTP protocol, or even tunnel your WebDAV!

To get started, watch the videos and keep tunneling. We would appreciate it if you like, share and subscribe on Youtube!

Running your first tunnel

Once you login to Loophole, you have access to a wide variety of features! To run our tunnel, all we have to do is let Loophole know the port our local server is running on. Trust me, it is that simple. This video will prove it to you.

Sharing your file via Loophole

Save time by transferring files (big and small) to your friend by using Loophole. You do not need to encrypt your files before the transfer because they are being tunneled through a very secure SSH protocol. Learn how to share your files using Loophole GUI below.

WebDAV via Loophole

Exposing your local directory to the public has never been an easy process. We at Loophole, found this is an interesting feature to have. Now you can share your local directory with just three clicks. This can then be even mounted on other machines like Windows Explorer, macOS Finder, Linux Gnome Files, or Linux KDE Konqueror!

Your support will keep us motivated to keep building Loophole. If you want to request a special feature or wish to share your feedback about Loophole, feel free to fill out the google form or email us at

Lastly, Loophole has pledged to never turn into a commerical business! To support our development, don't forget to buy us a coffee or a cookie. We are also open for some beers. Cheers!