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Expose given directory to the public via WebDav


Introduced in 1.0.0-beta.11


Exposes local directory to the public via WebDav via loophole tunnel.

This can then be even mounted on other machines in the Windows Explorer, macOS Finder, Linux Gnome Files or Linux KDE Konqueror etc.

To expose local directory via webdav (e.g. /data/my-data) simply use loophole webdav /data/my-data.


loophole webdav <path> [flags]


  -p, --basic-auth-password string   Basic authentication password to protect site with
-u, --basic-auth-username string Basic authentication username to protect site with
-h, --help help for webdav
--hostname string custom hostname you want to run service on
-i, --identity-file string private key path (default "$HOME/.loophole/.ssh/id_rsa")
--qr use if you want a QR version of your url to be shown

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbose   verbose output